8" Suction Dredge for sale NZ$ 10,000

  • Two 13hp Honda motors with pumps. The motors were already second hand when I purchased the dredge 5 years ago. They have done many hours. One motor leaks a little bit oil through a gasket (not cylinderhead). The other motor is in sound condition. Compression on both motors is good and they still do a reliable job.
  • Two 20 liter petrol tanks
  • Big air tank

  • 2 hotwater systems.  Those on the  dredge pictures have been replaced by 2 new ones
  • Winch and steel cable
  • 2 Thomas compressors on dredge and 2 Thomas in spare parts

  • There is no pump manufacturer brand on the pumps

  • Aluminium frame and Roper floats
  • Oversize flare made out of Aluminium covered with steel sheet inside

  • Recovery system from entry to exit: Mesh with expanded metal underneath (covered by rubber flat) > riffle section > mesh with expanded metal and small riffles underneath > metal plate with expanded metal underneath
  • 80% of the gold is catched by the first expanded metal and following riffle section

  • Flare exit and sluice entry. Rubber damper is lifted for better view of flare

  • Oversize jet made out of hardened steel alloy. Has done only 5 months

  • 5.8m Clearflow suction hose heavy duty. Got the hose when I bought the dredge from Danny Walker 5 years ago. Hardly used it as most places in the Grey have reasonably calm water

  • 5.8m flexible green suction hose with swivel nozzle. Have used the hose only 3 months.

  • Hose has grooves inside but is very flexible. Grooves outside on entire hose lenth coiled with hardened steel wire. I'm 80kg heavy and when standing with one foot  on the hose there is hardly any deformation.

  • The black tape on the hose is to hold the steel wire joints together

  • Quick couplings on pump intakes...

  • ...and pressure hoses

  • 3 weight belts with a few spare weights

  • 2 Scubapro regulators with pressure hose and quick couplings. Hotwater hose is insulated

  • 100m new rope on reel. Rope diameter: 12mm
  • 200m+ various ropes. Rope diameter: 8-12mm

  • Anchor to prevent drede from "jetting" upstream in calm water

  • Tools and spare parts

  • Clean up sluice

  • Box with nuts and bolts
The dredge is located in Ikamatua on the West Coast between Greymouth and Reefton.
If you have any questions please contact Stefan: neuseeland@goldsuchen.ch

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